Listing a list of books in the past. I was originally including it within one of the blog posts.. but then I feel this information should be separated instead.

Books that I highly recommend has been put in bold.

This is a listing of English Books. The Chinese book list can be fond here.

For the books after Year 2017, I’ll list them in H3 HTML tag, and adding in a short description (or, if I have, I’ll add in a link)

Books - 2016

  • Feb
    • MongoDB data modeling (book read at work, from Safari Books Online)
    • ReactJS the Rails Way (book read for work, from online)
    • Efficient Rails DevOps (book read for work.. very expensive.. nearly 100 SGD T_T)
  • May
    • The Complete Guide to Rails Performance (bought online, super useful)
  • June
    • tmux Taster (book from Safari Books Online.. as one of my weekend challenge. Good read, learnt sth new & useful)
  • Aug
    • Eloquent Ruby (Book from Safari Books Online. Nice tech book.. spent 2month read about it)
  • Oct
    • Upgrading to Java 8 (small simple quick reference book to pickup Java8)