I went to the agile meetup today. I like how the agile meetup runs:

  • Break 2 hours’ time down to 4 sections, each section is 0.5h long.
  • At each section, there’re 4 groups: A B C D
  • Anyone can initiate any idea, to host a discussion in one group, at one section.
  • Any topic is good
  • What happened is what should happen
  • Anyone is free to join any section; anyone can quit any section at any time

This is totally self-organizing, which in a sense means, agile. The each of the person can be viewed as a computer in a big distributed system; there’s only rules to follow, no decision-maker.

Thinking this way of self-organizing can be potentially extended to other activities, with several basis:

  • There’re rules to define the basic flow
  • The rule should encourage positive behaviour, and discourage the negative ones.
  • The rule should treat everyone equally
  • The rule should give everyone equal-opportunity to contribute
  • No one has more right than the other.