Several days ago, when I was listening to the Passive Income series, an interesting concept was mentioned: different use of knowledge. Let me try to summarize here:

There are different level of using knowledge. Here are the levels, in the increasing order (my memory might have modified the content a bit):

  1. The basic level, you see a piece of information, and then you forget
  2. Getting further, you see an information, and then you share it with others
  3. Further more, you try to paraphrase the information, write an article of your own, and then share it.
  4. You sharing it, and also think about how to make use of that piece of info
  5. You think more about how to make use of the information, tends to use it as an advantage, therefore not share it
  6. You become the monopoly of knowledge, and use it to make others work for you. A good example is the King in the ancient times.