Jotting down some notes about Github during the ruby meet-up Dec.

Optimise for happiness

Work when and where you work best.

Work asynchronously

None interrupt you from work. Everything is written down, and recorded – thus the people can catchup later.

Github Flow

  • Master(branch) is deployable
  • Create descriptive branch from master branch (by browsing through, one cna get what the company is currently working on)
  • Commit often, push regularly
  • Open a pull request for feedback
    • Open it early.
    • Talk about what you’re doing
    • Mention issues, discuss about it
  • After folks approve, merge to master
    • The person who make the pull request, is the one who merge
    • The pull request should be well-discussed by everyone
    • Everyone should be trusted in deploying this code.
  • Deploy automatically
  • Build things that are worthwhile, that give you purpose