While using OSX more and more, one may fin the speed of OSX, esp. the starting up time, tends to be pretty slow. Usually it is because that.. there are too many items (which you won’t necessarily need for most of the time) started when system first bootup, and it just run without your notice.

So… Let’s try to remove some of the items so that your system can actually starts and runs faster

1. Check your task bar

As you can see from the image below, items in the taskbar can be set to start at login. (Amazing, hmm?) Taskbar Login Item

2. Check your startup setting.

Go to: System Preference -> Users&Group -> Login Items, and tick those you don not want

3. Check the launchd (Very Important!!)

I just found it today. One may checkout the URL here.

By renaming the files from *.plist to *.plist.bak, one may disable the auto-startup of a certain item.

I believe after the checking of the above three, one may control all possible system start-up items.

And then you can start to enjoy a fresh new speed of starting up your OS ;)