Everyone knows that.. things have priority, and usually the things with higher priority should be done first.

Question is.. which things can get higher priority? Different people got different standards; even if they use the same set of rules to decide priority, their execution is another thing which makes the differences

There is one particular kind of things I want to talk about… which I believes.. are with the highest priority: the seeding.

Seeding - The Basis

Seeding is just a term which I borrowed from the concepts of ecosystem. It is like: you plant a seed of a plant, and with some minimum efforts of watering & maintainance, you can finally get a … grown-up version of that plant.

The same goes for business, or other complex things: you plant a seed system, and then let it run on its own; you plant a seed funding, and then let it grow on its own.

However, there’re good seedings.. there’re also bad seedings: you plant a seed of doubt, and when it grows up.. it may destory the relationship.

Other Varities

If we don’t look at the word seeding so literially, there are lots of things can be called “seeding”, here are some examples:

Education is Seeding

It’s quite self-explanatory. You educate someone with the proper method, and this person would grow the initial idea big

Fight / Argue is Seeding

These actions are harmful to people’s feelings. Even if you can fix things later on, but what happened at a specific moment ahs always happened… and you cannot change that fact – you can only fix it with extra efforts later on.

New Things are Seeding

Actually… seeding can be generalized to.. everything new. It is a process of zero-to-one.