I’ve had lots of ideas in the past… In fact, my Github repo has 107 projects (part of them are forked from external source).

Github Repo Screenshot

However, the sad truth is… non of them is a well-maintained, presentable & fully-usable product. In fact, this blog which I’m currently writing, is probably the most presentable product I’ve had.


When something isn’t maintained properly, and not actively used, it’s as bad as never existed – expect that I, as the author of the code, have a vague piece of memory that I was working on it previously – however, with 100+ repo I have in github, I’m sure that I cannot remember all of them.


So… how to make sure my time is well spent? How to make sure that.. after working on some project, I can actually leave a legacy – some good influence to make our world a better place?


I need to keep a product sense.. it has the following aspects:

  • record the important things. I think this blog is one of the good way to do the recording publically. For the confidential ones, I can write it in:

    • my personal project, bamboo-life
    • company’s internal wiki page
  • upgraded definition of done: task is actually done, when there is some good presentable result. Otherwise, it’s just abondoned
  • Done is better than Perfect. That means, I need to continuously deliver the presentable (and probably, intermediate) result to get milestones
  • Focus on deliverable / Hackathon Mindset.
    • when I start to work on something, I tends to find “best practices”. However, these are extra works which makes completing a task further away from me.
    • I should focus on the actual deliverable, on the original goal: what I initially want to achieve. Doing things in right right approach, but not completing the task, is indeed a wrong approach.
    • the Hackathon Mindset is correct: in a certain period of time, focus on one thing only, trying to produce a presentable product. When I cannot produce the actual result, at least show the mock-ups
    • what’s actually presentable is more important than a perfect backend. If I build a perfectly stable & scalable backend, but nobody actually use it – it means nothing. Because what I have built would never get used