When creating a merge request, we need to include more context information:

  • describe what you’re trying to achieve in this MR
  • why such change is needed

What is Context Information

A pain point of reviewing a merge request, is to understand the context. The context includes:

  • what the merge request actually intends to do
  • why such changes are needed
  • are there any other alternatives

No Context is bad for Reviewer

These context should be communicated properly, so that the reviewer can actually have a clue to justify if the change is necessary & sufficient. Otherwise, the reviewer would have to eye-balling each change, and try to guess why such changes are needed - this is time consuming. With these cognitive overheads, reviewer would tends to:

  • slower the review process.. because we don’t like to do hard things first
  • blindly say yes, because it’s easier
  • focus on syntax, rather than (structural) design decisions - because it’s also easier, and doesn’t needs a complete understanding of the story

with such things happens, it’s kind-of defeat the purpose of peer-review: slower review would slow down the development, and syntax kind of comments should be made by automation.

Sample Template

Ideally, a proper merge request should describe the context listed above. :

What's this about
- What change this Merge Request makes
- append a Jira Ticket ID (in the MR title)
Why I do it
- Why do you need to make such change?
- If you're fixing an issue, what's the cause of issue?
- If have, what other alternatives have I considered?