Last time at RedDotRubyConf, when I met the Jonathan Low, co-founder of HonestBee, asking him about the feeling of doing a start-up.. he said, something like: “It is like going on a run way. You are racing against other players. You need to reach your destination first, before you use up your fuel (funding)”.

Interesting thoughts, and two important things it has pointed out: competition, and limited resources (money).

Meanwhile, each one of us can view ourself as a “startup”. There’s also limited resource (time).. but the competition part is a bit vague.

I usually hate to view life as a zero-sum game. Instead, I’d like to believe that the resources in life can be created. Therefore, there’ll be unlimited resources, unlimited opportunities. Thinking about life this way would help reduce the anxiety, and encourage one to exploring more opportunities.

However.. is it true?

The truth is.. life is fragile, and time is limited. It’s exactlly like going on a run way, and you’re burning your time as fuel. There’s no fixed goal, but there’re certain checkpoints: education, housing, marriage, etc.

It’s true that life is mostly about experience.. but it’s also true that.. timing is important. Some opportunities come, and if you’re not prepared, it would be gone (missed the checkpoint). You might be able to reach other checkpoint.. which is also a good thing.

But the important thing is to have a clear goal. Wondering around and amortize your energe would usually means a waste… and the check point, which is harder to get, would be usually missed.

Run quick, run fast :)