I’ve been always believing that.. Idea is cheap, because implementation is hard. While for simple ideas, implementation is not-always hard, esp. when developer only want to create a basic working example – i.e., not worrying too much about the detailed implementations.

It’s believed that.. for a simple idea, 80% of the features – the main feature, can be implemented within 20% of the time – and that’s the main functionality.

This is pretty true, because as a developer myself, I’ve spent 80% of time on implementing some 20% of small features – which usually leaved my major programming task undone.

In this real world of programming, the exising frame work: jQuery, BootStrap, and RubyOnRails, has made the development job pretty easy – most likely a one man job. Being a one-man job means, an experienced hacker can quickly implement a nice idea within hours of time, instead of days or even weeks. It also means, there’s no cost of communication; additionallty, for the kind of platform ideas, one can now quickly verify if the idea really works by building a prototype first.

Idea is cheap only when implementation is hard.