I rented a server from digital ocean. It is $5/month, pretty cheap.

After getting a server, I need to try out some way to make use of it. Here is how..

Well.. a PHP / Rails / NodeJS server

Yeap. As we all know… with corresponding framework installed, one can setup the service accordingly. I found that Nginx has a nice ability of port-forwarding, which would allow different web-addresses to be served by different ports. This is pretty useful for hosting multiple website on the same server (which also means that.. the traffic is not that high either)

A music / file server

I found that Cherry Music is a pretty nice music player; and there is also a pretty nice php-file-browser.

A GFW Breaker~

The infamous GFW(the Great Fire-Wall) is blocking nearly all Chinese from using Google services, Facebook, Dropbox, sometimes even Github, etc. By using squid3, one can setup a proxy server easily, which helps one to explore the outside world.

SSH reverse Tunneling~

This is a pretty nice use I have just realized today. I have a nearly forever-running desktop in my lab, and by setting up an reverse SSH tunneling, I can ssh back into my lab desktop from my public-accessible server. Together with the help of tmux, I can work anywhere in the world (well.. with good internet access, at least) on my Lab desktop :)

Git server, with private repo

I have not really setup this yet.. because it looks not very appealing to me – I use github not only for Project Management, but also for… social use ;) If I need private repo, I can then simply use BitBucket.

Well.. but it will be pretty useful for whose who need a large repo :)