• The configure file location: ~/.tmux.conf
  • To edit the prefix key: add contents below into the config file

      set -g prefix C-e
      unbind-key C-b
      bind-key C-e send-prefix

    (Noet that I used C-e, rather than C-b. Because C-b stands for “scroll up” in VIM)

  • By adding below to the ~/.tmux.conf file, one can use vim banding when moving around windows:

      bind k selectp -U
      bind j selectp -D
      bind h selectp -L
      bind l selectp -R
      bind ^k resizep -U 10
      bind ^j resizep -D 10
      bind ^h resizep -L 10
      bind ^l resizep -R 10
  • Some simple commands:

      Split window
        - Vertically: prefix + %
        - Horrizontally: prefix + "
      Move Around Windows 
        - Rotate to previous session: prefix + o
        - Rotate window instead: prefix + O
      Resize: prefix + (C-directionKey)