I had a in-depth talk with a senior of mine. Some of the questions discussed:

  • How to you feel about going to the States? Are you actively planning for that?
  • How do you feel about your current (learning) environment? Good / Bad?
  • What have you learnt during your studies (in the master’s course)?

Some of the important ideas:

  • On buying an appartment: delay it, presue what you really want first.
  • On learning: reading papers (related to this field) is (probably) better than reading textbooks / other ways. One way of reading paper is to read them multiple times: having a set of paper at hand first; read it through, figure out what’s in common; then read it through again. For the good paper work, one way is to read a certain (very good) professor / scientist
  • On opportunties: don’t be trapped by what you’ve already known. Think about what you don’t like, think about the future trend, go for it
  • On building a learning club: finding a group of like-minded people; discuss about the ideas / trends in this field. However, there might be some issues:
    • too many tech people might go specific about a certain tech / experience, but not the overall trend
    • if things are superfacial, then the issue disucssed might not interest greater minds since they got their own things to do